We attend Local GHJA and A-Shows. Showing is not required, but we believe it is a chance to have your skills judged by someone else. Showing strengthens bonds with your horse and it teaches patience, discipline, and responsibility.  It is a way to have adventures with the horses at different shows grounds, under different situations and circumstances.

It is rewarding, for all the hard work done at home, to go and do well against others.  Whether you would like to show only 1 time per year at a local schooling show for the weekend or you are a serious competitor, all of the shows we attend offer classes for every horse and riders ability.

If you do not own a horse, you may ride one of the horses owned by Hidden Oaks.  We encourage anyone to come and be part of our team and help at the show, even if you are not showing yourself.  You learn a lot even just being around a competitive environment.

Competitions are held year-round.

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